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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mikey's first day of "PlaySchool"

So I have been worried for a few weeks about today! This morning I woke up and felt like I was simply going to vomit! I nearly didn't get out of bed (which would have solved the problem of the day!!).

Today was Mikey's first day of out of the home education... or formal playing. Don't get me wrong... Mikey has friends! :) But GENERALLY his "friends" are people in our neighborhood that he plays with either outside or in my home.. or kiddos that I babysit... again in my home. The few times we have had birthday parties or out of the home playdates I have been there with him!

My cousin (by marriage) who calls me "Mom" is in a Child Development class in High School. Her class is doing a preschool (with no dedicated learning time so "Play School") activity between now and the middle of May.

Like I said... I was SO nervous I was about to be sick. I got up, got him dressed, drove him to school, videotaped him for a minute then walked him into school. He went right for the slide and went up and down the slide several times. A few minutes later a few "big" kids came to get him and took him to play. I signed him in, filled in all the forms and went to interrupt his play to tell him good bye!!! He didn't bat an eyelash!!! Kisses, hugs, hurry up Mom things to do! I left feeling crushed... he could at least PRETEND he was going to miss me LOL! I went out to the car and had already decided to stay in the parking lot in case of an issue!

Since he was the youngest in the class (supposed to be 3-5 but he snuck in at 2.5 years old) I was worried about him "fitting in" and getting along! "J" (cousin) left 2nd period to check on him. He was sitting quietly enjoying story time! The three year old who went with him (a boy that I babysit "K") was chattering away and being a disruption! I was so proud of my little guy! :) When J got to the playschool I went ahead and left. I went to the grocery store about 5 minutes from the school and got some shopping in. :) WOW MULTI-TASKING!!! :)

A few minutes before class was over I went to check on him. I went into the room but hid behind a wall! He was playing and having fun! :) I am so happy! He CAN go back on Thursday! Today he made a macaroni necklace, colored a picture, had a snack, did an Easter Egg Hunt and of course played and listened to a story!

I was irritated that K's mom came with me to drop off today and kept asking if I was upset that he went so easily to play (of COURSE not!!!) and if I was upset that he wasn't crying when I left (crying.. no thanks.. but he could at least miss me a tiny bit LOL)... she texted while I was at the store and I told her the last I hear he was fine and she asked if I was upset that he was doing so well! (Ummm NO.. I am glad he is doing so well! I am glad he is playing and happy! What parent would be UPSET that their child was doing well? I guess she expected me to be a blubbering mess of crushed Mommy because he was ok... I was worried about him being ok.. I was worried about him being a butt and terrorizing the other kids but I am VERY HAPPY that he did an awesome job and had tons of fun!

I find it interesting that Mikey had a cereal bar for breakfast this morning (his FAVE "I want BAR") with Milk and K had a pop tart and "Bug Juice". Perhaps THIS is the difference between the two during story time? I think so! A good, healthy breakfast VS a sugar filled, empty calorie one... :)

All in all... a great day at Play School! All 2 hours of it! HAHA

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