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Monday, April 12, 2010

Children In Prison


So.... what happens at a year old when this child and mother have BONDED and NOW have to be ripped apart? Where does the baby go? Does mom instantly get baby back since they have bonded and she is now released? I am all for children staying with Mother in prison. I think it is a good idea. Baby can get breastmilk (I wonder how many of these infants are nursing?), Baby can stay with Mom, Mom and Baby bond. My concern is what is up after the year is up??? What are the negative effects of ripping this now one year old infant from his mother? Aren't there terrible psychological effects? I am not sure which is worse... holding and caring for my child for a year and falling in love... becoming totally attached and then losing my child.. or not having that time to develop that relationship and the baby being taken at birth... Neither situation is best of course but people do make mistakes.. then what?? We have ALL heard the nuances regarding Children doing the parent's time.. is it best for the kids to spend time with mom or is it worse?

What would happen if the child stayed longer?

How do you feel about YOUR tax dollars funding this program? Is it worthwhile to you or a waste of money?

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